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E-Wallet: What is Electronic Wallet? E-wallet, A digital wallet refers to an electronic device or an online service that allows an individual to make electronic transactions. This can include purchasing and selling online with a computer or using a mobile device to pay something face to face or at a store.

With our eWallet Technology users can buy and sell everything ranging from food and groceries to booking air, bus and concert tickets, and to pay everyday bills & services such as: electricity, rent, and water.

Our Services

E-wallet is completely dynamic, very simple yet; strong web platform for transacting payments with friends, family and to pay your everyday things. eWallet is an online payment gateway system by Place2Pay.com

We combine the advantages of direct transactions with the power of digital technology.

Instant Transactions

Debit and Credit of funds from the payer to the payee occur at the same time.

awesome features

Makes sending and receiving payments quick and easy. Taking the work out of paying and getting paid.

Global Payments

Multi-utility mobile wallet. Works 24/7, Accept Payments Anytime, and Anywhere.

Easy to Use

Really simple to begin. Creating an User ID and a Password is all you need to do to start paying and getting paid.

Reliable & Secure

Encrypted data. Enables you to pay others without exchanging sensitive personal information.

API Ready

Available to integrate on your own website and with a number of payment gateways.

Why e-Wallet?

Our Answer is simple, why not? 

At Place2Pay.com we are not re-inventing online payments. In fact, we are simplifying the way to pay and to get paid online. 

Our Customers; both Consumers and Business have somehow already embarked the online payment technologies such as Amazon Pay, Credit or Debit Card for Online Payments, Google Pay, Paypal or any other. 

At Place2Pay.com we are providing our customers with a tool to connect all the online payment options into one marketplace account, from where they can transact with anyone and anywhere. Does not matter which type of online payment account the other party uses weather is "a Person or a Business". 

Ready To Sign Up? 

      e-Wallet: Place2Pay.com/RegisterNow 


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